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At Truesmile, the health of our patients are our at most priority, when you come in to our office we request you to briefly fill our a personal and health questionnaire with will be kept in full confidentiality and then we welcome you to meet our registered denturist to go over your overall health and oral health, this way we can understand your needs and we can construct a treatment option or options that best soothes your unique characteristics, and guide you to choose one that will help you restore your smile.

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Implant Over Dentures

The implant is an artificial root, usually a titanium metal screw-shaped that is inserted into the jaw bone and is allowed to Osseo-integrate. Once the implants are in your jaw, an implant-retained or implant-supported denture (also sometimes referred to as an overdenture) can be placed on them. Overdentures can be fixed permanently in place or can be removable. At Truesmile, we will be consulting with your dentist and your physician to see if implants are the right treatment for you or your loved ones.

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Digital Dentures

What is a digital denture? What is the difference between digital dentures and conventional dentures? How are digital dentures fabricated? And the list goes on. While there are advancements in technology throughout, the field of denturism has stepped into the world of digital dentures. The term digital in digital dentures is used to describe the workflow involved in the fabrication of CAM or CAD milled full dentures, it is a new system for creating removable partial or complete digital dentures that provide a better fit in ultimate comfort.

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Precision Dentures

The main difference between the standard and precision dentures, besides the cost, is the quality of materials and slightly different techniques used to build the dentures.
While standard dentures are fabricated using the basic standard teeth, materials and the usual number of appointments, precision dentures as the name describes are more precise dentures thattake into account precise fit, high-quality premiums teeth, materials, and usually more appointments. Precision dentures take into account your mouth and skull shape and size along with the measurements of your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) angles so that the dentures look more natural and work more precisely for you. Precision dentures involve the extra appointments for Facebook, pin trace, and condyle, measurements. Call our office to learn more about precision.

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Complete Denture

Complete Dentures are prosthetic acrylic devices that replace missing teeth and are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.It is very challenging to not have teeth, at Truesmile it’s our daily goal to work with you or your loved ones to recreate the function, smile, and comfort which have been lost with missing teeth.

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Immediate Denture

What is an Immediate Denture? It is a type of denture that is inserted immediately after the extraction of your existing natural teeth. Immediate dentures can be complete or partials. advantages of immediate dentures are that you do not have to go without teeth, which avoids the embarrassment of edentulism, immediate dentures act as a band-aid to your extraction sites, it will protect the blood clots and promote faster healing. Following immediate dentures insertion, there are follow-up appointments that takecare of the shrinkage process and other associated discomfort. Once the healing is completed, an immediate denture is relined and converted to a long-term denture, or, in some cases, a new denture is fabricated.

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Interim Prosthesis

Interim partial dentures are indicated when age, health, or lack of time precludes more definitive treatment, interim removable partial dentures are often used in young patients who have lost one or more teeth as a result of trauma in these instances the large pulp chambers of adjacent teeth make tooth preparation notideal. therefore fixed partial dentures are often contraindicated however edentulous spaces should not be allowed to remain untreated or a lifetime of difficulties may result in some instances, the image spaces may be maintained using orthodontic bands or wires unfortunately the teeth are offered to shorten maintaining the position of these bands and wires may be difficult construction of an interim removable partial denture can solve space maintenance problems while restoring adequate occlusal function with the proper instructions on home-care and regular follow-up examinations a young patient can be successfully treated using one or more interim partial dentures that’s when the teeth and artificial structures have matured, more definitive therapy may be instituted. It may also be indicated for elderly patients whose Help contraindicates lengthy and physically trying appointments often associated with fixed partial denture construction for these patients simple clinical procedures required to construct and insert interim partial dentures usually can be well tolerated.

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Transitional Partial Denture

As the name indicates transitional partial dentures are planned when some or all of the remaining teeth are beyond the point of restoration but immediate extractions are not indicated for physical or psychological reasons. in these instances, the teeth will be extracted over a long period and the patient must be provided with the functional prosthesis during their treatment. A transitional denture is an ideal option for; elderly patients, patients suffering from a chronic debilitating disease where multiple extractions are not a good option. Transitional partial dentures are a transition towards a complete denture in most cases.
Treatment partial dentures,
A treatment partial denture may be used for a variety of purposes, in most instances a treatment partial introduced to carry tissue conditioner to abuse oral tissues. A tissue conditioner is a soft material that is applied to the denture surface to fill the void areas between tissue and denture and to allow a more equitable distribution of forces through the dental arch.
Interim prosthesis,
Interim partial dentures are indicated when age, health, or lack of time precludes more definitive treatments. Interim removable partial dentures are often used in young patients who have lost one or more teeth as a result of trauma, in these instances, the large pulp chambers of adjacent teeth make tooth preparation not ideal at best, therefore; fixed partial dentures are often contraindicated, however, edentulous spaces should not be allowed to remain untreated. A young patient can be successfully treated using interim partial dentures, and when the teeth and surrounding structures have matured, more definitive therapy may be instituted. It may also be indicated for elderly patients whose health contraindicates lengthy and physically trying appointments often associated with fixed partial treatments, for these patients, simple clinical procedures are required to fabricate and insert interim partial dentures are usually tolerated.

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Flexible Denture

At Truesmile we do not leave any stones unturned to find the best options for your need.
Flexible dentures are an amazing addition to denture technology recently, it is thin flexible nylon or other thermoplastic material that more and more of our people are choosing the option of a flexible denture. At Truesmile, we can discuss if this is the right option for your needs.

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are the dentures that replace one or a few missing teeth. Partial dentures can be made of different materials such as cast partial dentures, acrylic partial dentures, or valplastflexible dentures. Partial dentures are very customizable, so the design will vary greatly depending on the healthy teeth remaining and the overall condition of your jaw and gums. After a consultation in our office, we may recommend a new set of partial dentures that are completelytooth-supported (if you have several healthy teeth remaining) or it can be tissue and tooth-supported, or implant-supported. A partial denture is usually made from acrylic or a metal and acrylic resin.

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Continuing care of Existing Denture

Do you have a denture that rocks and moves? is your denture loose? Have you broken dentures? Not all denture-related issues mean the fabrication of new prostheses. A reline, rebase, or repair may resolve your problem. We can help you with the issues related to your dentures.


Relines to your existing dentures often occur when bone and tissues change due to shrinkage. There could be many possible reasons for shrinkage such as that after immediate denture inserting, after tooth loss, due to weight loss, or bone loss in the upper and lower jaw or the overall systemic health.

The bite position, existing teeth, and acrylic base(s) must be in good condition and not worn or stained to provide a reline procedure. An impression of your oral tissue is taken inside your denture(s) to make a model out of it. The new acrylic base material is added to your denture to produce a correct fit. The appearance of your dentures will not change, but the fit will get better.


The procedure is similar to relining. The difference being is that a rebase replaces all the pink-acrylic denture base material. The existing teeth remain in the same place. Reasons for rebase procedure includes:

  • Broken denture
  • The weakened or old pink denture base
  • Immediate denture after the healing proses of the oral cavity


Is your Denture broken, chipped, fractured while eating, or drop the denture? Tooth come off your denture or have extracted a tooth or teeth and have an existing partial or full denture? As long as it is repairable, we can restore a fractured or damaged denture close to its original condition. We provide repairs on the same day depending upon the nature of the repair.

Denture cleaning and polishing: 

Does your denture have built up? Is your denture stained? We can clean and polish existing dentures and help you keep your denture and oral cavity hygienic.

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